Mistaking the cure

. . .‘it is alleged to be found true by proof, that by the taking of Tobacco, divers and very many do find themselves cured of divers diseases; as on the other part, no man ever received harm thereby. In this argument there is first a great mistaking, and next a monstrous absurdity: . . .when a sick man has his disease at the height, he hath at that instant taken Tobacco, and afterward his disease taking the natural course of declining and consequently the patient of recovering his health, O then the Tobacco forsooth, was the worker of that miracle.’

James Stuart, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland. A counterblaste to tobacco. In: The workes of the most high and mightie prince, James. Published by James, Bishop of Winton, and Deane of his Majesties Chappel Royall. London: printed by Robert Barker and John Bill, printers to the Kings most excellent Majestie, 1616: pp 214-222.