Risky business

This cartoon byRoxanne Palmer on the International Business Times website nicely illustrates how relative measures of efficacy can be used to misrepresent how much benefit a treatment actually gives.
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Statistically funny is a blog by Hilda Bastian containing her own cartoons illustrating important concepts in research and evidence-based health care.

“The comedic possibilities of clinical epidemiology are known to be limitless.”

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CASP UK helps people to find and interpret the best available evidence from health research.

It is part of an international network that shares a commitment to self-directed learning and promoting better understanding of science.

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The Cochrane Library

This web course has been designed to help individuals understand the fundamentals of evidence-based healthcare concepts and skills. The course is free, but you have to register. Continue reading »

NHS CHoices

Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news.
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